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  • Lea Astromoff

    Hi Vane! This is Lea!
    To let you know, this is so so awesome! Dude, you’re inspiring!
    I’ve always missed you. But I was also scared of getting judged to put up the real me. Like the big thing: I like girls. I had a girlfriend. There. I said it.
    I don’t know what you’re going to think of me.
    I’ve been scared this whole time about being rejected from people I knew for so long. Not too long ago homophobia was pretty common and especially in the sports world. I’ve had friends who I was super close to, but I know if they knew I really liked girls I’m not so sure they’d be my friend after that. I know how open-minded and accepting you are, and how people are now
    ..but it was that fear of losing people and being judged. I hope you understand why I left social media.
    It was school too: it was so tough and social media was a huge distraction.
    It wasn’t you at all. I hope you understand that.
    You are a total inspiration and your accomplishments stand as a good example for me to follow. Especially your quotes! They’re exactly what people need! Thank You and Happy President’s Day! Thank you for your book the Purple Pony! Peace! Hope all is well! Keep thriving! <3

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